Finishes at Vavona

Here at Vavona we pride ourselves on creating the best surface finishes possible for our products. We have our own  dedicated facilities for spraying and applying the latest laquers and treatments. 

We can create superlative finishes that are incredibly durable ensuring that your joinery stands the test of time.

We source the laquers, finishes and treatments from companies of international repute, such as The ICA group in Italy and others.

Once the finishes are applied, we dry and cure them in the clean, dust free environment of our drying room.

This room is adjacent to the spraying room, so that the materials can be moved there without exposure to any contamination from the rest of the factory, where machining and assembly takes place. 

Once dried and fully cured, the surfaces are then hand polished by our craftsman who pride themselves in achieving the best possible finish. There is no subsitute for experience, craftsmanship and patience to achieve the end result. 

Here we can see the incredible finish that we can create at our factory. Once finished, the pieces will be assembled as required, then carefully packed, ready for shipping to site and fitting.

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